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Cheap Hawaii Jeep Rental started it's first car rental service in the Hawaiian Islands in 2001 under the name Hawaii Jeeps by Cheap Hawaii Car Rental. The business is wildly popular and continues to rent vehicles on the islands to travelers from all over the world.

Years of running a successful Jeep rental business has been very educational. One of reasons for starting the original service was a lack of customer service at many rental car services. We felt there could be substantial improvements, customer service being just one of them. That's where we began and all of us here continue to make strides in customer service and maintaining some of the lowest rates in the industry.

We decided to launch a new business and use the knowledge we have acquired operating CHCR. Over a year of planning has gone into the negotiations over rates, hiring employees and our colorful web-site. We have locations throughout the Hawaiian islands at airports and popular travel destinations.

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